Money Mondays- Summer Cash 2

Did you know that summer effects our wallets more that the rest of the year? Welcome to the second half of a two part series of how to save money over the 100 Days of Summer.

4.) Entertainment costs rather on vacation or right in your own town can really put a damper on your summer cash. There are plenty of free festivals around. Visit them on a full stomach and a backpack full of half frozen water, juice and snacks. Go will a preset purchase amount in cash and that should keep you on tack. If you are visiting attractions such as an amusement park that requires an entrance fee, check their website for free or discounted days. Traveling with a medium size family of 5 or 6? Go with another family because many discounts begin at 10 people. No matter if you drink Pepsi or Coca-Cola or not, local area attractions partner with them to offer discounts. Pour the coke down the sink if you have to, but save $20 on your next family event!

5.) Nothing says Summer like a cool and refreshing drink. Every company from McDonald's  to Dunkin Donuts to the gas station has a fruity, colorful drink concoction. Drinks can suck up lots of cash in the summer. A slushy here, a frozen coffee there and you can spend upwards of $20 a week in refreshing drinks. That is an unnecessary $240 spent throughout the summer! Don't forget the calories that those drinks pack on either! Save yourself some cash and learn to make those drinks ahead of time and tote with you throughout the day. Another option is check your mailbox throughout the summer. Valpak and other home coupon distributing companies will at least make those drinks cheaper if not free once in a while.

6.) Last but not least, Food is another expense that sky rockets in the summer. Small to medium family farms are looking for people to pay for a share of their seasonal crops. Why not invest in healthy, straight from the earth goodies? It's also a great learning tool for your children because many farms allow for the shareholders to come, view and tend to the farm. Checkout You Pick Farms in your area if you rather have an abundance of one type of food. Already have a home garden? Well try your taste-buds on fresh farm meats. Beef, Pork, lamb, bison etc. are sold in various sizes in the summer. It's just Mr. Mind and I at the moment, but our small freezer can hold 20 pounds of individually wrapped meat. This should last us 4 months or so. It's a true savings of 30% or $100 for us and I know exactly whats 'in my meat'.

Food is expensive when you travel. Did you know that you can check=in a packed cooler full of food at the airport? Or that your suitcase can be stuffed with crackers, peanut butter, bread and more when flying? Make food on vacation cheaper by bringing it with you. If that is not an option, don't forget to grab coupons and pamphlets at the local Amtrak Station, the airport's baggage claim area (you don't need a plane ticket for this area) and my favorites Living Social and Groupon. Often times the food discounts accompany event, activities and entrance fee discounts. Talk about a 2 for 1!

Well I hope these tips leave a little money in your pocket this summer. No matter how much you spend and where you spend it, Please enjoy your summer!


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