Money Mondays- Home Gardens

If you haven't noticed lately, a variety of businesses are really pushing Americans to open their eyes to Home Gardening. You might ask why does this fall under Money Mondays. Well, you can save yourself a ton of money by growing your own fruit and veggies.

Balcony Gardening is possible. I've did it for 2 years and you can see some of my failures and successes here on my blog. Check this video out: Growing on the Balcony. It gives a brief explanation of how it is possible to grown fruits and veggies while living in an apartment, condo or townhouse. There are more videos that explain how to use a variety of containers.

Limited outdoor space? Well so do I! Where I live in Minnesota, I will have about 4'x8' worth of gardening space. I will grow mint, thyme and basil indoors by open windows in pots. Outdoors, I will grow watermelon, carrots, cantelope, broccoli, summer squash, peas, garlic and 3 types of onions in the ground. I will also grow tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes and strawberries in containers outdoors. It might seem like alot, but I am only growing one or two plants of each. Here is another video with Becky Homestead. She helps a first time gardener learn the ropes.

Don't know where to begin? Find a neighbor, local nursery or just head over to a large box store such as Home Depot. Go just to ask questions and buy on another trip. The best thing about gardening is, things will go/grow wrong, but it's a learning tool for the next year. I planted my sweet potatoes wrong last year and only got 2 tiny potatoes. This year, I should yield a basket full! Last year I never got my spring onions to sprout, this year, I corrected it.

So here is an example of savings:

Carrots in the grocery store cost $1.99/lb or $0.99/lb on sale
My family eats about 2 pounds a month. $4.00 a month or $12 throughout the summer.

Carrot seeds cost $1.19 for 2 grams or $0.58 on sale
It will yield anywhere from 4-18 pounds throughout the summer. Costing a minimum of $0.30 a pound!

Give gardening a try! It might possibly be the tastiest summer yet!

P.S. Don't Wait to get started, depending on your area, your growing season began in April!!!