Limited Blessings

I love blog surfing. I get to write down ideas of what I want to try to do and I learn so much! But something struck me yesterday and I can't stop thinking about. A blog I was visiting (can't give the name because I didn't ask permission) wrote "Children are the only blessings we tell God we had enough of!" Yikes!! That statement stung like a bee. I was frozen in my seat. My mind started to race and figure out what other blessings people might ask for in limited quantities. When a blessing of food, money, shelter, warmth, clothes etc come, no one ever says "Whats enough God." But with children so many people do.

I remember asking my parents when I was younger why they didn't have more children and they said "We have a boy and a girl, what more is there?" Now that Mr. Mind and I are trying to start our family, people are constantly asking 'how many children do we want.' I usually say 'two, no more than three' and he says 'three no more than four'. Well nine months into family making mode (wow, has it been that long?)  and I realized something, just because I want a child doesn't mean I get a child.  When I finally do, is it even right, respectful, unappreciative to say "That's it, one or two is enough"?

I was lost, I have a hard time surrendering. In married couples group last week, we discussed surrendering to our spouses and I couldn't do anything, but admit that its something that I don't do well. If I can't surrender to my husband then I know I hold back when surrendering to God. The blog I read went on to discuss how she and her husband prayed about surrendering her womb unto God. Let the number of children be determined by God. The first thing that came to mind was 19 children and counting. But I quickly remembered a family friend. She never stop preventing, but was only blessed with one.

So now I must learn to surrender for change it a must.


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