Money Mondays- Taxes

Taxes! Dreadful Taxes! Run!!!!

No matter your stance on taxes and tax rates, the more you learn about them the more you can prepare yourself. Your purchases, salary and savings throughout the year make an impact on your tax return. If you don't want a refund, please ask your tax professional about your w-4. They will help you fill out the form with your family size, and incomes in consideration.This should be done January each year that a life change happens.

Whats a life changing event?

Birth of a Baby
Death of a family member
Purchase of a home, car or other large item
Moving Home
Lost of Job/Change of Career
Children or Self going to College

If you foresee any of these events in your future, get answers now. Do not wait until December 2013.

Until Next Time,
From Maruki


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