Betty Crocker Gluten Free

When you kick gluten to the curb, you often kick yummy cakes, pies, cookies and all that makes weight loss a challenge. What am I to do? At first I thought we could do without sweets. We are suppose to be watching our fat in take. Yeah right, that thought lasted 2 weeks and then we started wanting junk food at work. So I set out on a mission. What gluten free mixes should we try first. I first wanted to find quick recipes to makes these yummy foods and I was so glad that Betty Crocker has broken the gluten free scene! Wake up Duncan Hines and Pillsbury!!! We first tried the yellow cake mix. I made yummy eggnog cupcakes:

Eggnog Cupcakes
1 Betty Croker yellow cake mix
3 room temperture eggs
1 stick of room temp butter
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup eggnog
2 tablespoon gluten free vanilla
pinch of nutmeg

Mix well and bake. Once they cool, please top with your favorite icings including cream cheese with a dash a nutmeg!

The cupcakes were not as moist as a typical cake, but they were not hard, dry nor dense. Great job Betty Crocker. There website will lead you to other tasty treats including a sugar cookie made from the same cake mix. I will give that a try one day.

Next month Mr. Mind and I will attend a Gluten Free cooking class that will help with the transition of being Gluten Free! I'll keep you posted on our efforts.


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