Gluten Did It!

<em>Enjoy Life Cookies</em>, Sugar Crisp, Crunchy - 14 <em>cookies</em>
We now have something to blame for years of constant fatigue, skin breakouts, and low iron count. Mr. Mind is allergic to gluten. For nearly 6 weeks, we have dodge gluten as much as possible. It has been harder than we thought because Wheat is in everything. Sometimes you wonder why! Salad dressing? really? Yes, its in some salad dressings.

I've been on a whirlwind trying to learn how to make our favorite foods without gluten. I usually make homemade cookies, quick breads, pies, cakes and more. Now, I'm trying to learn about the assortment of flours that we can combine to make tasty foods. Some of the flours I have never heard of before. We bought a few store bought baked goods and most are nasty and dry. I understand that gluten gives the product fluffiness, but does it actually give flavor?

I tried some recipes and liked what I tasted. Enjoy Life is one of the first brands that we tasted.
The flavor isn't that bad. I will crumble the rest of the cookies and plan to make a pie crust. Stay tuned as I head down this adventure.


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