To be Thankful

I thought of a million things that I am thankful for this year and I wanted to write a post about it. But then I thought, who would want to read that?! After all, my husband and I have our health which is wonderful after his 5 day hospital visit. We also are safe and happy after moving to a new state and receiving jobs in our career.

It is perhaps the act of being thankful is the lesson for this time of the year. Being thankful is to not concentrate on what we do not have, but to find great meaning and enjoyment in what we have. I learned this year more than any year of my adult life, so far, that my path might be the same as others, but my outcome is far different. Since I have understood that meaning, I have been able to enjoy what I am going through. I can see the flowers through the trees. Yes, I still have moments of jealousy, envy, anger and other human emotions, but I can recognize them and fight them.

Being thankful is also to appreciating the blessings that someone else has received even if it doesn't benefit you. Parents try hard to teach children to be happy for their siblings on their birthday even though the attention and gifts aren't for them. As adults, are we still carrying that thought and living that lesson? I nearly damaged a friendship because I couldn't appreciate the blessing that they received. I thought, why should I be thankful when I didn't receive a thing! Well, their blessing became my blessing, because that blessing made my friend a better person and in return, a better friend.

Being thankful is a feeling, and a thought that must be instilled into our lives as a response to what happens around us. This time of year is also a time of the year where people reach down in their pockets and give more than they do throughout the year. (Sadly, for some, this is the only time of year that they give.) This season, I would have contributed to Salvation Army, Operation Christmas Child and Feed My Starving Children. I have done more throughout the year with the Epilepsy Foundation, community centers, homeless groups, mentally ill groups and more. I feel thankful, to be useful, to those who have a need.

Please take a moment to find great meaning and enjoyment in what you have experienced, appreciate what you have received and feel thankful! After all, it is THANKSgiving!

From Maruki

P.S. Don't eat too much!


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