Money Mondays, Shopped Out

Did you make?! Are you shopped out? Did you hibernate and ignored the craze at the malls?

I wanted to send a report your way that I found quite interesting.
The American Research Group, Inc. found that Americans would spend around $850 this holiday season on gifts. Does that apply to your family? Does that apply to your wallet? The article goes on to explain catalog shoppers, internet shoppers, and rather people would purchase full price vs. sales price. Those that are like me and wait for sales prices, the article states that we will spend around $590. This article doesn't give an average number of gifts or the number of people that will receive the gifts. I believe that makes a difference. Spending $590 on 10 gifts not only differs from the same amount spent on 20 gifts, but can be a make it or break it with some shoppers.

My piece of advice: Don't welcome 2013 in Christmas debt!

Well, I am totally shopped out. I will finish the rest of my list each weekend until the 15th when I will mail my gifts throughout the country and around the world!

From Maruki


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