Money Mondays, Black Friday part 2

Have you scoped out all the deals for this coming weekend? Do you have your plan ready? If you read my previous post, you would have learned that Americans often over spend on Black Friday weekend. That includes Small Business Saturday shoppers as well as Internet Monday Shoppers.

For today I want to initiate the "Divide and Conquer" tactic. What is that you say? Well, first off, divide the group/family/friends and try to shop alone. When you have nagging children or spouses on our hips, we often walk away from good deals to rush out the store. On the flip side, friends often make us buy more. Haven't you heard "Yes, you can treat yourself again by buying that!" or "One for them, two for me..." Are you really sticking to a budget if you constantly add more items in the cart?

Next divide the shopping amongst the days. Many stores are providing deals throughout the weekend with the hopes that the crowds will even out. I love to go to Old Navy for children clothes and Men's sweaters. I will chose Friday morning for that. I also go to Target and JC Penny for home goods such as sheets, towels, and small appliances. Target will get a visit on Friday afternoon and JC Penny will get a visit on Saturday. I will also give my favorite 3 small businesses a visit on that day.

Then divide the budget. I usually divide by the person. Children often receive less money than adults because they always have a million deals for children. I then set a max amount per store. I told myself to not spend more than $100 in Target (for example). I will actually place the money in an envelope marked Target.

Last but not least, Conquer! Get up early, or get out the house late on Thursday. Bring snacks and hot drinks for the long wait and make sure you have plenty of warm clothing. Please eat between the stores, you need energy. Think about your household bills when you shop. Don't go too crazy! Most importantly, please be NICE! No pushing, hitting carts, snatching, growling or stealing parking spaces. If you can't get it in the store, go home and order it with a nice mug of egg nog. Happy Shopping!


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