Money Mondays, Small Earners

The weather has changed all over the country and the leaves are changing colors. I even saw a pretty yellow oat tree in Greensboro, NC last weekend. So, that means raking and yard work has become apart of everyone's weekend chore list. Why not have your children do it or help? This is a triple fold lesson. Hear me out:

1. Children can leave how to rake a yard. Homeowner responsibilities start young and last a lifetime, really! Let them rake as much as their age will allow, let them jump into them, you do the same because I know you want to and then bag them up.

2. Point out to your older children the homes in the area that have yet to rake their leaves. The elder couple down the street would love for you to rake them. So go rake them, bag them and knock on the door to let them know you cared.

3. Show your children that they can assist the neighborhood and they can earn a small profit. Does $10 a yard or even $20 a yard sound nice to a 9 year old? You bet it does!

4. Sit back and smile! You just created a little entrepreneur! Wait, help them to create a cute little flyer to distribute, then sit back and smile!

The biggest benefit of all is that you spent quality time with your family, taught a valuable lesson and probably will not have to rake the leaves for the next month! Just be prepared to pay your child $10!


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