Monday Mondays, Black Friday

Are you a hardcore Black Friday shopper? Do you skip sleep after the turkey to get in line to grab the craziest and wildest deals around? Do you enjoy the rush and often the let down? How about about your wallet? Are you prepared to pay for the hottest ticket item?

More often than not, people do not prepare for this holiday shopping season. They forgo paying the cable bill or worse electricity bill, and even dip into college funds, or emergency savings to fund the Black Friday shopping trips. Do not think you got away with it because you are a Small Business Saturday shopper or an Internet Monday shopper. You guys fall into the same category with robbing Peter to pay Paul.

So how do you get around this exciting, money saving weekend? Save the money early!

1. How much do you have (talking ownership not obigated) to spend? Make a list of the number of gifts you have to purchase and the total amount you want to spend that weekend. I'm capping out at $100 for 6 people. Yes, I want the $10 sweaters and the $5 pants!

2. You probably will receive 2-3 pay checks from now until Black Friday if you are paid bi-weekly, and one check if paid monthly. Determine how much you can set aside from those pay checks and total it up. If you can not set aside the total amount you desired, then work with what you have.

Remember you need heat, and it is just a horrible idea to "borrow" from your child's college fund to buy the hottest, newest toy. Deals will be offered all the way until December 25th, so pace yourself! Hopefully these tips will not leave you feeling Blue after Black Friday!


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