Jingos Taste Test

Mr. Mind and I are back on the scene tasting Autumn's newest foods. My husband has a cat tongue and stays clear from spicy foods, but I love spicy foods. I'm a "Taste This..." kind-of-wife and always shoving food in his mouth and looking for his opinion. So when we wanted to try Jingos I wanted spicy and he wanted cheddar. I won!
Jingos! Such fun to say and boy do those little crackers have a punch a flavor. Hands down they are great! They give some excitement to hummus and cheese. Crumble them over soup for a little kick! You can throw them in for lunch or a snack. I'm glad that Pepperidge Farms created a different flavor. I'm tired of cheese and sea salt. Lime and Sweet Chili are a great addition to the cracker world. Give them a try and see for yourself!


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