Girl Talk

Yesterday was a fantastic day because I had the opportunity to have an extended girl talk with one of my best friends. You might think that it's not big deal, but her and I live more than 1000 miles apart! Even though our conversations were all over the board, we spent a great deal of time focusing on someone whom she loves. I encouraged her to take the leap, jump, fly into the arms of love! She gave a compelling arguement about her reservations, but in the end, she realized that she loves him. 

But why was this conversation special? Because I thought I was helping her and teacher her, yet she helped me and taught me! I hung up and realized that what matters to me today needs action TODAY. I am not to wait on anyone else (except Mr. Mind) to agree with my decisions and give me permission.

True friends support you from tough beginnings to uncertain endings. I want to thank my 1000 mile best friend! I realized my goals and within that, a reason to feel fulfilled!!


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