I believe that Autumn is just like Spring in that it brings a refreshing being to everyone's lives. Homes are dusted, a new set of clothing is pulled from the attic and the weather begins to change. A calming sense comes over our household during this time of year. Evenings are quiet as we unwind after a busy work day. Dinner is often eaten from a bowl and with a spoon. When I ask Mr. Mind what he wants for dinner that week, he always adds soup to the list. Any kind, every kind, my husband loves soup! Autumn also means scarves and gloves, and the opportunity to picnic before the ground is covered in snow. Autumn means pies, leaves, apple and pumpkin picking. It also means canning pumpkin, apples slices, apple sauce, and apple cider in our home. Bike rides through state parks and outdoor book reading under the trees make our weekend lists this time of the year. Now that we live in a relaxing town, we looked at each other Sunday and laughed because we realized that we will actually get to enjoy Autumn and see each day go by. Our past 5 years have been in one of the United States biggest cities and it's impossible to enjoy leaves changing colors when traffic is honking their homes.

Autumn is just like Spring in that it gives everyone an opportunity to renew themselves and thier lives. They can develop a new plan for the last 4 months of the year. Over the past 4 months, I have fought an internal struggle with the direction of my career and the desire to start a family. Mr. Mind and I have laid down the pros and cons of everything and ultimately decided to just leave everything in His hands and move forward. I am blessed to have a seasonal position that pays wells, and a small business, SpoonFull of Jelly. So, my new plan is to just enjoy the season, the calmness, and my family.


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