A True Friend

Every step in life brings new awards and challenges. As my husband and I pack up our lives and head northwest, I had the opportunity to see a few friends that I made in the past 5 years. When saying goodbye to a reunited friend, she said to me "Don't be a stranger! Even if we do not speak often, we can always pick back up." I began to think, what kind of friends do I have. I realized that I have all sorts of friends and with the help of social media, I have access to hundreds and even thousands of people that I have met all my life. Yet, as an adult, I realized that certain type of friends serve specific purposes. So here is to my friends and the type of friendship that we have:

Childhood: These friends are like glue. No matter where you go and what you do, they will always want to know what is happening in your life. They often give the 411 on their lives. Doy, and Ree, thanks for sticking in there (pun intended)!!

Traveler: I trust these friends with my safety and future. We explore the world, sight-see, plan and even complain together. Yelley has been a great friend in this important area of my life and I'm happy to add Deesha.

New Family: Some people are introduced to you as friends but become family. The bond is simply, Love and Respect. The Corniffe Boys and Gabby, soon to be sister-in-law are my family and yet my friends.

Transition Friends: When life gets rough, people cling to support and this supportive person can become your best friend. College was tough and fun and I made it through because of Eb, Nelle, G, Steph, and Mike. Every season has a reason! New life in a big city wouldn't be possible if it was not for Sarom and Shu chan. Newer life in a different city would not have begun this way if it wasn't for the McKinney's. Thanks for letting me cling to you!

Message Friends: These people have come into my life with a message that has improved my life. I needed to hear what they thought, saw how they lived, understood what they believed, and even experienced something new. Thank you the Cross family, Little Family, Tif, Cleaver, Yanna (where will I run into you next), Pastor John, and many more.

Heart to Heart: Nothing describes a friendship more than having the ability to have a heart to heart with someone that you trust, love respect, care for and down right feel comfortable with. It seems that the main person that feels this spot changes every few years. Not that I lose the friend but because life places our friendship in a new category.

Think about your friendships and your friends. Do you see a trend? Do you love the trend?


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