Our New Adventure

It has been over a month since I last posted because my husband and I received an awesome opportunity in another state. We grabbed the opportunity by the horns and have ridden this long crazy ride for the past 6 weeks. We were blessed to stay at a friend's home for last 3 weeks and will finally have our own place tomorrow. Most of our things are 500 miles away in storage, but we will manage for a while. Can someone say carpet burn?

When opportunities knock you SHOULD answer, but I want to be the first to admit that I wasn't as excited to take on a new and unfamiliar stride future from my family. To leave our last state was always a desire of my husband's and I. We new that better career advancements were available in another state as well as a safer, friendlier, and more relaxed atmosphere for our family. We wanted a place that will allow for our children to walk to and from school, the store, a park or neighborhood swimming pool without a (heart attack) worry. We wanted a neighborhood were people say hello, look you in the eye and actually bring over baked bread. Yes, these types of neighborhood still exist in America!! They might be hard to find, but please return the favors that you receive so that the love can continue to go around!

Mr. Mind and I feel that our new state will provide a better life for us. We have already slowed down and enjoyed our evenings. Beforehand, it took him over an hour to get home and he would just crash. Now, it takes him 15-20 minutes and he is so energetic, we even took dinner to a lake. We are far away from both sides of the family and this will pose a problem when children come into the picture, but we must do what is best for us. (Did I mention over 1000 miles from my family and 500 miles from his?) So yes, our new home provides longer, colder winters, and the people here sound like Canadians, but we fell in love with this blessing and will hold on tight until our knuckles turn white. Blessings, lessens, trials and triumphs are ahead...did I mention laughter?


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