Oh My Sweetie!

How sweet are Sweet Potatoes? In a small effort to grow as much as I can in an apartment, I thought I'd give sweet potatoes a try. An organic sweet potato was forgotten in the pantry and began to grow eyes. My initial thought was to cut them off, toss and eat the rest. Well, I didn't toss it. I planted it in a medium sized planter. Over 2 days, a small vine grew up through the soil, and that spurred my happiness. What really sent me over the roof was 5 or 6 vines that broke the ground over the next week. It has been a little over 2 week, now check out my Sweetie:

What is happening under the soil you asked? Sweet potatoes eye's will produce baby potatoes. So I will have anywhere from 4-8 sweet potatoes in November!! That sounds like a great pie! Did you know that the leaves are edible also? Yes! Chop them and add them to your Asian dishes. Stay tuned as I am growing other edibles in my windowsill.

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