New Wheels

Mr. and Mrs. Wheels

My Husband and I needed an easier way to get around town. A car would have been the easiest way, yet the most expensive. The bus and train suit us just fine for long trips, but was more a hassle when we needed to go a mile or so. So, we bought bikes. No, we didn't get bulky mountain bikes that would require strength to pedal. Nor did we spring for the athletic bike that can pick up 35 mph speeds. We opted for cruisers, often referred to as "old people bikes". Never mind the name, I have had people yell from their car windows about how cute our bikes are!

Our fancy wheels have taken us all over our neighborhood for the past month and it actual feels great. They have taken us to the grocery store, bank, gym and even to buy clothes. They are faster than the bus, and our slow riding is accessible now that baseball season is here. (The fans fill the buses from front to rear and no one else can get on.) I believe our colorful ride will keep us in shape as we move about this summer. We are testing our physical abilities every week. We are trying to see how far we can ride before passing out.

Need a new way to exercise and get around? Get off that stationary bike and grab a real set of wheels!


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