Country Living in the City

I spent weeks of my summer in Mechanicsville, VA playing in the fruit vines and running through the veggie patches on my Great Grandparents property. I ate fresh fruit and veggies and never thought twice. But now that I am older, I want the access to grow, nurture and preserve my own fruits and veggies. This task is difficult in a large apartment complex with a tiny shared porch, but I wont let that stop me. I've received seeds to grow basil and I'm also going to pick up other plants to grow. My can't I have country living in the city?

One task that I never learned, was how to keep the herbs, fruits and veggies alive. That will be the entertainment  for Mr. Mind this summer as I have struggled to keep a house plant from withering and crisping.
See? Can you believe that plant is over a year old? It only has 5 health leaves, 2 dead leaves and one new leaf in the middle. More on Plantie in the future. Once my basil breaks through the soil, I'll name it and show a picture. Now I'm going to preserve some Kale.

Until the next Time!


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