The Silent Day

The day that I didnt speak to my baby was a day that I learned so much about communication.

Seven month olds can't speak. They can't read our minds and we can't read theirs. Communication has to come in a different form when it comes to babies.

About a week ago, we woke up early Sunday morning with a crying and hot baby. He had a fever. The fever broke later that day but a stuffy nose, cough and sneeze replaced it. On Monday, I woke up with whatever he had. For a whole week, we swapped this nasty cold. Even my husband came down with the cold.

By the weekend, I was losing my voice. By the following Monday, I was hoarse. When I tried to talk, Baby E would jerk away and cry. I sounded like I was stuck in a vacuum cleaner. I couldn't talk.

So it began, the day that I didn't speak to my child. This is what I learned.

1. Quiet book time is still considered reading. Each day I flip through a half dozen of picture books. I tried to focus on the pictures while reading the s…

How to Enjoy Summer with a Baby

When you have only little children in your home, Summer can seem like a chore. Day care is open but is optional. We learned that day care can have limited spots for the toddler and pre-school rooms. So what are you going to do with all that time on your hands?

I have suggested 9 fun activities to make things run smoothly without too much guessing. My goal was to spark a thought of something that you can do so that you can enjoy the sun. Since we have snow from November-April, we take full advantage of the weather.

Hubby and I live by our calendars. It allows for us not to miss special events. If you are like us, grab your calendar and get to planning the 100 Days of Summer.

1. Take a Dip

Find the local swimming hole and take a dip. Our goal is to take our son to various swimming pools around town throughout the summer. This is a win-win as we love to cool off too.

Baby Benefit: Introduce baby to pools/water/outdoor play

2. Take a Class Together

Babies love to do things with parents. So …

May- What we are Reading

If you have been following me for years, you are aware what I have been up for the past 2 months. March and April are hard months for me to post on the blog. I am a tax accountant by trade and I am busy working with 1040 forms. You can always catch me on Instagram, FromMaruki

When the long hours end for the day, I usually read myself to sleep. However, I never really finish a book until after April 15th. Now that I have a child, I made sure to read his books to him first. Hubby picked up when I couldn't. We have jointly walked through a couple books, a few different times with Baby E. Our goal is just for him to get use to books, the tone of reading and sitting still for a few minutes.

This is what we read to him for the past two months:


Baby E's March Book

In March, we concentrated on snow. It may be spring in other parts of the US, but up north, March is still winter. We would often read this book to him before taking him outside to touch and sit in the snow.
April Baby …

Infertility & Loneliness- a Male's Perspective

My Perspective was one I never thought I'd share, but here goes nothing:

Every road to life leads to a new journey. The biggest journeys are usually the ones that you least expect. I am an infertile man! At first I was embarrassed, felt weak, less of a man, and any other masculine insult you can add. 
Now I stand tall and know who I am.
This has not always been the case. The moment I found out I was infertile, I immediately shed tears of pain. I was in the third doctor's office and couldn't hold it any longer. I couldn't be strong and pretend. Life came crashing down with three words.
"You are Infertile!"

I always wanted a family and now I could not obtain a family in the traditional sense. I was in denial- this cannot be. 
No one in my family is infertile, and in fact they all had children of their own. Did I mention that I have over 16 first cousins on one side? 
I was suffering alone.
Secretly I became angry at my family. I hated them. Do you know what it is…