Wednesday, June 29, 2016


As an adult we commit to so many activities, obligations and even people. We commit our money, our time and even possessions. The hardest to commit is our hearts. It the first place we protect and hide when there's love, tragedy or sadness. The heart keeps us alive, and not just physically. Its the pumping station to refuel yourself with what makes you happy, energized, and fulfilled.

Hubby and I have committed our hearts to adopting a baby!

In May, we looked over all the different adoption agencies that we visited and contacted since August 2014. It was time to look through a open door rather than pry open a closed door. We knew it was a good decision to hold off on using a donor six months prior. The road became clear.

We often referred to adoption as plan C. It is not our last resort- going without a family is our last resort. We called it plan C because it was a plan that required Caution. Caution for both families involved. It was not a process that Hubby and I can do secretly. It requires the love, respect and acknowledgement of another woman, another family. It requires lots of time and money and the whole process lacks discretion. Creating a family is suppose to be sacred and discreet between husband and wife. It has now involved more than 5 doctors, all of our family, friends, church members and more people than I can count. A whole village knows! It is not an easy pill to swallow.

However our hearts are totally exposed and totally committed. We feel confident in the decisions that we have made during this 5 year struggle. It is one that we will not keep secret from our children either. I strongly believe in equipping children (as appropriate age) with the tools they need to live a fulfilling life. My parents and others equipped us well. One of my friends told me "You will be a lucky mom to skip the part that we all hate, labor!" She was focused on the labor part and I was focused on the mom part. Committing my heart to adopting a child will allow for me to be what I have worked so hard for, to be a Mother.

Monday, June 20, 2016

How to Beat the Summer Desk Blues

If you work at a desk, deep inside an office building then this time of the year can be difficult. You might grow to hate your desk in the summer. Here are a few tips on how to handle the blues.

Take back your lunch hour or half hour. Stand in the hot sun and eat your lunch. Let the sun beat down on your face and give you the much needed reminder that it is summer time. Do food trucks pull up near your office? Flag one down and eat outside without guilt. Set your voicemail. If you have the freedom, work outside your office.

Late to bed, Early to Rise, right? Old folks are done with dinner by time many working adults leave the office. If you have to put in 8 hours regardless what time you start, then start earlier. Gain the better half of your day by arriving to work at 7am. So many festivals, children activities and shopping specials are waiting for you at 4pm!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Cubicles suck and I know it. Redecorate it with postcards and pictures of your favorite vacation spots. It will give you something fun to stare at when your brain is completely fried and the sun is calling you out the door.

Office only treats. Many companies release summer themed treats in May and June. Pick some up and leave them at the office. There is something fun about eating a new type of candy or sipping a new flavor drink when you arrive at the dreaded office the next day. At the very least you can get through the 3pm drag with a summer themed drink.

Take a vacation day! Some people need to be forced to take a day because they just won't. Take a day off and just sit in a park, or at the beach. You can even sit on your porch or patio. Do nothing for a whole day. Just take in the weather, the bugs and the summer vibe.

Not matter what you do, get away from your desk, and try to enjoy summer.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Personal Pride

Hubby and I have been working so hard for the past 12 months to better our lives and household. We have opened our eyes and ears to the financial opinions of many writers and analyst. We have accepted career guidance of upper managers in our industries. That wisdom has changed our lives.

We are so very proud of ourselves that we are actually patting ourselves on the back. Yes! We have looked back and noticed that we have grown from where we were just one year ago. We often don't accomplish what we wanted, but this past year we have. There are a few items left on the list that we have yet to succeed in, but we are still proud. We never thought that we would been promoted, found a great apartment, began saving for an adoption and even paid off debt.

I hope that you take the time to be proud of yourself. We had to learn how to do this. We were like many people and always kept our eyes on the prize that was ahead and never took a moment to be happy with what we accomplished already. Why would you short change your own happiness? We decided to actually stop comparing ourselves to others and be proud with that we have, done, seen and been.

Take my advice, be proud of yourself. Pay attention to what you have accomplished rather than what you haven't accomplished. Don't beat yourself up with the 'not yets' and the 'whoa is me' aspects of life. Someone around you is already doing that; trust me. Take a moment and smile and tell yourself :

"I am Proud"

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