Friday, October 3, 2014

Coffee! My Friend

In high school I couldn't stand the taste of coffee. My crazy college roommate was addicted and even ate chocolate covered coffee beans. I ate a few, but it just wasn't my thing. I would drink the seasonal flavored drinks at the 'Bucks and Dunkin, but only when I had money.

Fast forward six years, and we received a coffee maker as a wedding gift. It was hardly pulled out during the next year. But once I found the York Peppermint Patty creamer, I had to buy the larger size. Sadly, I have yet to put the coffee maker away. I am possibly addicted to coffee! I can't go a week without coffee! If we run out, I will run to the grocer to buy more. I have gone as far as to have a favorite roast- Medium if you were interested.

Mr. Mind noticed that its not the coffee, its the creamer that has a hold on me. I believe I am mostly in love with the flavored creamers.

Dear Coffee Mate,
Thank you for creating so many flavorful creamers this year. You have increased my desire to drink more coffee than need be. I ended the summer with two bottles of the Dulce de Leche creamer. It is wonderful to say the least. The taste of caramel and coffee just screams late summer. I topped it with whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg. Yum!

Coffee Mate, I would love to taste your #TollHouse coffee creamers. Feel free to send some for me to review. But don't wait too long because I'm nearly finished with the Pumpkin Spice.

Until my next cup (tomorrow),

Friday, September 26, 2014

Meal Planning at its Worst

If you tread through the internet, you will find a plethora of meal planning ideas and calendars. Families have planned out everything they want to eat from breakfast, to lunch to dinner. Some have gone as far as to predict when certain foods go on sale so that they can cut the costs of their meals.

The natural planning side of me has tried to jump on the bandwagon but I think my taste buds are stronger than me. The most I plan out is the week: Mon-Fri. I check the weather and the week's schedule and plan according to my freezer and the grocer's sales sections. I don't think it's a winning combination because I'm shopping every week and I often change how the meal turns out. This week our menu was:

Apple Cinnamon Muffins
Homemade Apple Sauce with bacon and eggs
Apple Dutch Pancake

Chicken Wings and Quinoa
Left Overs

GF Corn Chowder with ham
Cauliflower Rice Pizza
Steak and Onions with veggies
Beef and Cheese Quesadilla 

Apple Crumble

Now onto the changes! I didn't make the apple cinnamon muffins. I might try again next week. I also ran to the grocery store on Thursday to get the steak because I didn't buy it last weekend. I am going to try my best to plan all the meals for October. I will post it here. Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Big Mouths

Hubby and I have big mouths in our family. We have told our parents and best friends about our infertility within the past couple of months. It took alot just to do that.

Currently our cousins, aunts, grandparents and probably our uncles all know. People are calling to hear if the gossip is true and then try to figure out what to say to us. Someone people just wanted to know if we are ok. But for the most part, everyone is just shocked.

"Are you Sure?"

Yes, the couple that went the traditional route is infertile. The couple that dated for 5 years, engaged for 1.5 years and married for 3.5 years can't conceive. The couple that didn't want to live together before marriage. We have watched others from the sidelines for years. We held, fed and babysat everyone else's baby. We showered so many others. We are going stir crazy waiting for our turn.

"Just adopt!" 

A couple of cousins let the phrase roll off of their tongues quickly and as smooth as saying 'bless you' after a sneeze. Pardon us while we mourn the lost of having a biological child of our own. Excuse us as we try to figure out what life will be like for us now that we won't be able to feel a belly grow, or breastfeed. Give me a moment as we get every aspect of our lives, personalities and parenting styles questioned and analyzed. Just a second as go through the legal format to change the initial name because we weren't able to name them first.  Wait a year or two while we beg, borrow and save the $20k for a domestic adoption.

So everyone knows now that we aren't 'preventing' anymore. We aren't trying to be childless. We aren't trying to keep the 'high-life'. Actually we are a loving couple, broken and sad. Hurt and lost. Scared for our future. We have ideas and dreams, but no path to embark on them. 

Family: Now hurry, run and tell everyone that the Maruki couple is infertile. Just don't forget to request that they pray for us.

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