Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spa Day

#22 Completed- Have a Spa Day and Invite Someone

Pain Goes Bye-bye
Sometimes women just need a spa day. In my case, a back and leg massage day.

Mr. Mind gave me a wonderful Christmas gift, two deep tissue and hot stone massages. It was a pleasure to lay back and let someone press and push out all the kinks. Not only am I stressed from my crazy job, but I also have pain in my legs. Once a month my left leg goes numb with pain as my sciatica throbs and stiffens. The only way I can sleep at night or walk during the day is to constantly take B-Complex or Folic Acid. Of course pain pills would help, but I rarely touch the stuff.

The massage therapist took my sciatica problem into consideration as she began to work. She described how the sciatica vein begins in the buttock and runs down the back of both legs. When the vein is pressed on in the hip/buttock area, the sciatica swells and causes the stiffness and pain. She will analyze how I sit and get up and down from a sitting position this week. I feel another lifestyle change coming as I know that I slump more now that I have growing up. Changing how I sit and stand up should free the pain in my legs.

Silent Partner
Mr. Mind did not want to attend the spa day with me. He loves back massages, but felt that it was my time to relax. We did joint pedicures and manicures on a different day and that can certainly count as a spa day for a man. Now if I can only get him to get a cucumber facial mask along side a dip in a mud bath....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

160 Days Left

I am half way through 30 years old with only half of my list completed. Winter crept in so beautifully then snatched every ounce of energy from me for months on end. I ran from the car to house just to advoid breathing too much frost ridden air. I've seen temps as low as -40F to as high as 45F in the last 3 months. Everyone around me has been sick with all the typical nasty winter colds. I had a cold for 1 week in early March and it wasn't too bad.

Light at the End of the Tunnel
Now that the layers of snow are peeling back like a sweet onion, I have noticed how many months I have left to complete 30 While 30. I have completed nearly 18 tasks so far. With another 12 left on the list, I am trying to make plans to get them done. I noticed that most of the tasks left require money of some sort. How did I manage to do all the free stuff first? Hummm, none-the-less, I must stay on task. Groupon just posted a discount tandem sky-dive adventure. Perhaps I should purchase that for one of my tasks.

 Secret Stash
I am really happy with myself for how well I have nearly completed my secret 30 While 30 tasks. Those #5 tasks were added to my printed version of the list and contain items that you probably don't want to read about. But I will tell you one of them, Pay off the credit card. If I stay on course, I will be able to pay off that card by August 2014. It was a small balance, but it haunted me like a missing sock in the dryer.

So excuse me while I try to finish my list before I turn...31! Yikes!