A Little About Us Pt 2

#2 - Are you the same person you were last year? Five years ago? Ten years ago? Tell us how you have (or haven’t) changed.Ten years ago I was determined and unstoppable, or so I thought. I returned to America from living nearly two years in Japan. I had an awesome time stretching my wings and learning more about the world. 
Five years ago I move to another state. I had been married for a few years and finally felt like an 'adult'.  I have always lived in a different state from my family, but as a newly wed looking to start a family, I finally felt a pinch about being hundreds, if not, thousands of miles from my parents, sibling and cousins.
One year ago my life drastically changed. After interviewing my friend whom was adopted 38 years ago and woman who is a birth-grandmother of a 21 year old, hubby and I decided to adopt a baby. One year ago we finished our home study and was  flabbergasted by how quickly the transformation into parenthood was going to take place.
I have grown …

A Little About Us Part 1

Welcome!I've met so many people over the past 2 months. It was such a pleasure swapping pictures, comments and even suggestions. I want to thank you all for dropping my blog. I wanted to take the next few Fridays and share a little about me, my husband that I call Mr. Mind and Baby E.
If you want to know more about me, please feel free to drop me a message or check me out on Twitter and Instagram. #1 Do you make your bed when you get up in the morning or leave it since you will just mess it up again that night? 
I make our bed when I wake up in the morning. It seems like a silly concept to make especially if you leave the house all day. But it is so refreshing to return home and there, in the center of the bedroom, is a made bed.

One skill set that I was taught very young was making the bed. It allows for the house to seem semi put together. Children as young as two can pull the sheets back in the bed and smooth them out. They can decorate the bed with pillows and their lovelies too.…

My Plant Based Month - I Failed!!

Right before the clock struck midnight, I made a decision on December 31st to eat plant based in January.

I had a fridge and freeze full of meat and dairy products from hosting 10 people over the holiday season. I always have dairy free options because Hubby has been dairy free since about 2011. I had not planned out that week's groceries nor had I thought it through. I just took off running into veggieland.

I never knew what this transformation was going to mean to me.


First thing I took into consideration was my mornings and afternoons. It is so easy for me to fry an egg and chicken sausage and call that breakfast. I do smoothies each day, but once morning passes, I usually don't make one.

So I set out to transform the most important meals of the day. First I switched my coffee creamer. It took more than half the month to find one that I like.

Silk coffee creamer in Sweet Cream flavor did the trick. I love that it isn't too sweet and that there isn't a weird…

What we are Reading- February 2018

I was so excited because Mr. Mind was home most of January on Paternity/Adoption Leave. We got to sleep in, sort of and have slow lazy days together. January is a super cold month and we began the month with -14 degrees. It's certainly a tell-tell sign of what is to come this winter.

I feel bad for the visitors as the Super Bowl is around the corner.

Years ago, while I was planning my wedding, I learned about the updated version of homeschooling. I knew a couple homeschooled children in my life including some distant cousins. I thought that it was a very isolated way of learning. But as I shuffled dress colors and cake tastings, I was also shuffling the idea of teaching my future children.

Fast forward two years and I was happily married talking about children with my husband. I so eager to begint he process that I imbedded him with my 18 year plan for the children. It included tons and tons of books and field trips and us as their teacher. My husband laughed and said "yeah ri…