Wednesday, July 13, 2016

First Adoption Fundraiser!

I am so excited! 

Hubby's cousin and wife brought a new home and they wanted to furnish the home with new items. They are selling nearly everything and Hubby and I get to keep all the proceeds!

Hubby and I were over the moon when his cousin suggested giving us all the proceeds back in early June. We were beyond thrilled because we are in desperate need to raise funds to adopt. Once we mentioned it to a few other people, we started to get donations. People want us to sell their items and keep the money. How wonderful is that?

We were initially aiming to receive around $500 from the sales, but my cousin-in-love said that we were aiming way too low. She estimates $1500! Well an accountant can go toe to toe with a lawyer, but this is a case close matter. I rather take the $1500 estimate.

So wish us luck as we sell all that we can on Saturday, July 16th! We will be one step closer to our first down payment for our adoption!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Who We Are

Deep in the loads of paperwork to be approved to adopt a child, is a set of questions, a ton of questions. We have to dive deep into our inner most thoughts and dreams to capture on paper what we want, where we will go and most importantly, who we are. We dedicated Sundays to tackling all the adoption paperwork and family. It's time set aside to learning about this road that so many secretly walked down. We knew that there was more to just receiving a child, that perhaps we needed to know who we are so that we can explain it to others. One small question created a huge, week long discussion. So we took a stab at it to create our slogan:

"We are a kind, hugging couple that spends quality time camping, reading, coloring, living minimally, traveling the world, and eating gluten free all while being children of God."

Dare I say that was a run on sentence? Perhaps, but it encompasses all that we have become over the past eleven years together. We have fought a good fight against death of family members, sadness of the loss of fertility and even fear of moving forward when it's all unknown. The largest compliment that we keep receiving is that we are brave and strong. Strong for not letting our emotions and fear destroy our relationship and brave for trying anything and everything. (Being Gluten Free is a attest of trying anything!) We thank everyone who informs us of these two attributes as we never paid attention. We just joined arms, put up our defenses and pushed through. Often we carried one another when being strong wasn't possible. We thanked, complimented and smiled to one another.

So to the future birth mother of our children, please know that above all, we strive to have a kind heart and hands.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


As an adult we commit to so many activities, obligations and even people. We commit our money, our time and even possessions. The hardest to commit is our hearts. It the first place we protect and hide when there's love, tragedy or sadness. The heart keeps us alive, and not just physically. Its the pumping station to refuel yourself with what makes you happy, energized, and fulfilled.

Hubby and I have committed our hearts to adopting a baby!

In May, we looked over all the different adoption agencies that we visited and contacted since August 2014. It was time to look through a open door rather than pry open a closed door. We knew it was a good decision to hold off on using a donor six months prior. The road became clear.

We often referred to adoption as plan C. It is not our last resort- going without a family is our last resort. We called it plan C because it was a plan that required Caution. Caution for both families involved. It was not a process that Hubby and I can do secretly. It requires the love, respect and acknowledgement of another woman, another family. It requires lots of time and money and the whole process lacks discretion. Creating a family is suppose to be sacred and discreet between husband and wife. It has now involved more than 5 doctors, all of our family, friends, church members and more people than I can count. A whole village knows! It is not an easy pill to swallow.

However our hearts are totally exposed and totally committed. We feel confident in the decisions that we have made during this 5 year struggle. It is one that we will not keep secret from our children either. I strongly believe in equipping children (as appropriate age) with the tools they need to live a fulfilling life. My parents and others equipped us well. One of my friends told me "You will be a lucky mom to skip the part that we all hate, labor!" She was focused on the labor part and I was focused on the mom part. Committing my heart to adopting a child will allow for me to be what I have worked so hard for, to be a Mother.